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The More You Know…

I loved the design of the 2008 Topps Football cards. They were simple, clean, and a little retro. They reminded me of the cards I collected as a kid.

So I decided to take them into Photoshop to create baseball versions of this design to see how they would look. Here are the results:

I liked ’em, so I shared them to the Custom Baseball Cards group. Seconds later, I was informed that Topps had actually used the exact same design for their 2008 football and baseball card designs.

Yep…I spent my time creating a design that had already been used.

As someone who hasn’t purchased a card of any kind since roughly 1990, I’m really not up-to-speed on anything that’s happened in the baseball card world since then. This has never been so glaringly obvious as it was this morning. I got a good laugh out of it, at least.