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What’s this site all about?

I was 5 years old in 1975, and my family lived in Lexington, KY. It was a short drive to Cincinnati, and one day my dad bought us tickets to see the Reds play the Mets at Riverfront Stadium. That was all it took to turn me into a fan.

The Reds went on to win the World Series that year.

And the next.

I’ve been rooting for the Reds ever since. I’ve taken a few breaks from my Reds fandom over the years (and even had a brief, heartbreaking fling with the Detroit Tigers), but the Reds are my team.

I work as a professional graphic designer/UX specialist now, and I’ve recently started combining my love of baseball with my love of graphic design.

This blog is intended to be a showcase for some of the alternate baseball card designs I’ve created. I stopped collecting baseball cards back in college, and I haven’t bought a single card since the early ’90s. For me, these “alternate” cards are a mix of nostalgia, graphic design practice, baseball fandom, and tribute to the players on the field.

I hope you enjoy looking at these card designs as much as I’ve enjoyed making them.


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  1. Hi, love the cards, amazing job. I was thinking of playing around with something like this as well and wondered what program do you use to setup and create your templates? Any info would be really appreciated. Thanks, Neil

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