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1984 Remixes

I absolutely love the 1984 Topps football design. Everything about it just…works.

These guy were all part of the 1984 Reds team that won 70 games and finished 5th in the NL West. Only the 66-win Giants kept the team out last place. In 1985, though, the Reds righted the ship and won 89 games.

I’ve made cards for Davis before, but these are my first for Parker and Oester. I like seeing Parker in the red & white uniform instead of those ugly black and yellow ones.

6 New Custom Designs

I work on a lot of custom designs, just to try out different techniques and experiment. Here are six recent designs I made that haven’t been posted yet.

I like a couple of these more than the others, and I’m still thinking about making larger sets with some of these designs.

I’d love to hear your feedback on which of these designs you like or dislike.

Custom Reds Designs

Here are a couple of my recent custom designs for a pair of great Reds outfielders.

With the Davis card, I was working with the idea of including more statistical info on the front of the card. The Foster card was an experiment with Photoshop’s “darken” feature.

I really liked the way these turned out. They’re kinda different than most of the cards out there (that I’m aware of, at least), but I think full team sets of these would look pretty cool.

What do you think?

Eric the Red

During his peak years, Eric Davis was one of the most exciting ballplayers I’ve ever seen. I’ll always wonder what he could have been if his career hadn’t been cut short by injuries.

This is my first custom card for Eric, and I tried to make it look like some of the designs that were around during his playing days.

The other card is another custom for Johnny Bench. This one features one of Bench’s two Kennesaw Mountain Landis MVP awards.

I’m still working on my project for the 1919 Reds, by the way. Since we’re so close to the actual 100th anniversary of that series, I’ve decided to post the cards, along with some notes on each game, exactly 100 years to the day of each game as it was played. So, Game 1 will be posted on October 1st, and Game 8 will be posted on October 9.