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Takin’ out the trash

Not every design works. Sometimes, a design will just come together in a few minutes. And then there are times when I slave over a design for hours, and still never get something I feel is good enough to post (and sometimes I look back on designs I’ve posted and wonder, “What was I thinking?”). Here are a few cards that have never been posted before. They’ve been in my folder for a long time, but I’m not a big fan of ’em, for whatever reason.

If you see any of these that you like, please let me know. I’m always interested in what people think of my designs.

Winker & the Barn

Jesse Winker has put up some solid numbers for the Reds in his 3 MLB seasons. His 2019 campaign was cut short by a neck injury, but he managed to hit 16 HRs in 113 games. While he increased his power in 2019, some of his other numbers were down from his impressive 2018. I’m optimistic that a full 2020 season from Winker will improve the Reds’ overall outlook.

Tucker Barnhart is another guy whose numbers dropped a bit in 2019. Tucker hit .270 in 2017, then .248 in ’18, and only .223 this season. That’s not the trend line we want to see.

As for this design, I wanted to experiment with putting 2 photos on the same card.