’89 Upper Deck Reds

The Upper Deck 1989 set will always be known as the Ken Griffey Jr. rookie set. When I first bought some of those cards, they blew me away with the quality of the photos and the overall quality of the cards.

Here are a couple of Reds rookie cards I’ve created with the Upper Deck ’89 template. My favorite part of this baseball season has been watching Aquino shatter all of the rookie homerun records. He’s also got one of the best arms of any outfielder in the game today. As a Reds fan, I’m really looking forward to watching this guy’s career progress.

I’d also like to send a big “thank you” out to the amazing “bobw” and his Cards That Never Were blog. His site is full of amazing content, and he also shared some sage advice with this card designing newbie.

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