“I’m SOMEBODY now!!!”

I don’t get a lot of traffic on this site. On most days, I’ll get 1 or 2 visitors. And I’m totally fine with that. This site is just a place for me to collect my designs, and having a public-facing blog encourages me to keep creating new cards.

So I was a little curious when today’s only visitor was from Japan. I looked deeper into my WordPress stats and learned that this visitor from Japan was brought to my site by Google. My cards are actually starting to appear in Google Search results. Nice.

I Googled “custom reds cards” and there were two of my designs:

What I really wanna know now is…how does a University of Texas jersey also show up on a Google search for “custom reds cards”???

(Also…ten bonus points to anyone who recognizes the title of this post as a quote from the movie “The Jerk”)

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