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2020 Customs

The Reds’ 2020 season has not gone quite as well as the fans had hoped. A record of 15-21 at this point is disappointing, to say the least, after the club added Castellanos, Moustakas and Akiyama in the off-season.

Our team batting average of .217 is 2nd-worst in the NL.
Eugenio Suarez is hitting .190.
Akiyama is hitting .189.
Barnhart is at .177.
VanMeter was at .059 before being dealt away.

Some of the pitching has been horrifying, too – Kuhnel, Jones, Miley, DeSclafani, Raley, Stephenson and DeLeon all have ERA’s over 6.00


There are some bright spots, though.
Jesse Winker’s hitting .327 with 10 HRs.
Castellanos also has 10 HRs.
And…that’s about it for the hitting highlights.

On the mound, Trevor Bauer is looking like a Cy Young candidate with a 2.13 ERA and 54 Ks in 38 innings. Sonny Gray has a 3.19 ERA with 56 Ks in 42 innings. Amir Garrett, Lucas Sims and Tejay Antone are all looking great, too.

With a 15-21 record, I think manager David Bell’s days are numbered.

As Reds fans are accustomed to by now, it’s time for us to start looking forward to next year. The three rookies below all made their MLB debuts in 2020, and they give me hope that the future will be brighter than the present.


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