Fred & Jack

In 1973, Fred Norman was 1-7 with the Padres in 1973. The Reds saw something they liked, though, and traded with the Padres to get him. Norman went on to pitch for the Reds through seven seasons and helped them win two World Series titles.

Jack Billingham came to the Reds in the same deal that brought Joe Morgan, Cesar Geronimo, and Ed Armbrister to Cincy. He then became one of the most effective pitchers in World Series history. In seven games (including three starts), he went 2–0 with a 0.36 ERA,

This design was actually used for the 1982 Topps football cards, but I wanted to see how it would look for baseball. To be honest, I like these much more than the Topps baseball designs from ’82.

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